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Al Majles Resort is a small pearl in the middle of the desert, that endows the beauty of nature with Arabian hospitality and culture. The tour to the Resort takes you through unique dune formations and several locations offering the most beautiful views to the sea.

I enjoyed this day a lot, and it is not a place to be missed.


The Resort welcomes guests in traditional Arabic style with tea/coffee, while the visitors enter their names in the beautifully calibrated guest book using an ancient Arabian pen. In the lounge, the visitors can have fresh fruit sitting comfortably on the floor on a locally made red carpet or on a small chair. The Resort’s cozy inner yard offers several seating options under the shade-giving parasols.

If you want a little more direct contact with sand and water, you can sit on the terrace in front of the restaurant, you can use one of the many folding chairs on the beach or take a dip in the sea. And all the time, the smiling staff are ready to bring you whatever you want.

From the beginning of the day to the Lunch, I enjoyed. It all started with a ride to the resort in the Monster Bus, and it was spectacular. When I arrived, the Al Majles Resort staff took really good care, and made sure that I am comfortable.

Then the brunch was open, and then I had enjoyed the food while looking at the serene environment. Later I and my friends spent time out of the resort, going for a camel ride, and a rest under the parasols.

I enjoyed this day a lot, and it is not a place to be missed.

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